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Living Off The Land - Hunters Feeding The Hungry
Tomorrow I get to go help my friends feed some hungry folks and help Santa as he gives out presents to some children out at the Fellowship Hall at Echoes of Love Ministry in Colton, CA. I am very excited and proud of these guys. Nathan Welsh, the founder, is an original member of Team DIY and I think he's doing something wonderful during this holiday season. 


Living Off the Land, a new non-profit, is not waiting for people to donate food to help the hungry this holiday season.  They are going out themselves and hunting for it. Literally.

NEWPORT BEACH (Dec. 17, 2010)—Nathan Welsh, Founder and Executive Director of the California non-profit organization, Living Off the Land, has an unconventional approach to solving the hunger problem in the U.S.  Rather than waiting for donations to come in for those communities most in need, he leads hunts and provides the animal meat in nutritious meals for the homeless and hungry at shelters, food banks and churches.

50 million people in the US, including nearly 17 million children, lived in households that were food-insecure in 2009 according to the USDA.  Recent reports show that 2010 numbers may have risen by 30%.  This clearly shows the devastating human toll the economic crisis and the growth of mass unemployment has had on the United States.  Provisions to feed the hungry chiefly come through donations—which have fallen—from grocery store chains and other large food suppliers, with federal programs accounting for only 24 percent. 76 percent of polled cities said food pantries and emergency kitchens had to make cutbacks this year.
Living Off the Land is taking action against this shortage, not by recreating a donation model supply chain, but by creating more food supply.  As an avid hunter, Nathan and his brother Eric Welsh (founder of know how to find the locations with either a surplus of animals to legally hunt, or how to track those that will provide the largest amount of meat per animal.  One single elk can provide over 400 pounds of meat, or 2000 healthy meals.  Unlike most donators, Living Off the Land does not shy away from explaining the type and origin of the meat.  Instead, they promote the hunts and provide public education on the benefits hunting can have on the growing hunger problem.  They are hoping this positive press and call to action of the hunting community will encourage even more donation as the activity of hunting has actually increased during the recession. 
Nathan shared his philosophy on the purpose of the organization, “The hunting community as a whole has a deep passion for what it does and respect for the animal, the land, and the use of God-given resources.  Until now, we’ve had very few options available to connect this activity with efforts to help the people in our communities.  Living Off the Land was created to encourage hunters to continue doing what they love, but to do it, with almost no added cost or effort, in service to others.  This is a recipe for lasting sustainable change.”
Living Off the Land will help families celebrate the 2010 holiday season with a spaghetti and meatball dinner and toy drive on December 18, 2010.  The event will be held from 4:00-6:00 pm at Fellowship Hall at Echoes of Love Ministry (710 West C St, Colton CA 92324).   

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