Monday, November 29, 2010

Never Take Yourself Too Seriously
Sometimes you just have to take a break from being overly serious about everything and share something funny. Yes, most days I am a very serious guy. Some have said I come off as being extremely serious all the time and that I need to relax. Funny thing is, I do relax. I can be pretty funny, too. I'm actually a bit of a goofy bastard when the time is right, I just don't always share it with everyone. This is NOT one of those times. So why not share a couple of the goofy video clips I've done, right?

When you are in a treestand for 10+ hours, armed with a video camera and aren't seeing any deer... well, you can imagine the stupid stuff you record. Here are two clips from my 2010 NY bowhunting trip for your viewing pleasure. Or displeasure.

Disclaimer: If making fun of buck-toothed rednecks bothers you, lighten up and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my Gosh! lol!

    What awesome advice if ya gotta take a poopie in the woods.... LMAO!