Wednesday, November 24, 2010

California Game Wardens On New TV Show
The National Geographic channel is going to begin airing a new show, Wild Justice, about CA Game Wardens on Nov. 28. I'll be adding this to the DVR to see how they portray themselves as well as we hunters. Anyone else going to tune in?

This is from their website:
From the 1,100 miles of coastal waters to the high deserts, the giant sequoias to Sierra Nevada mountains, the 159 California Game Wardens patrol all of the states 159,000 square miles. It’s a beat that’s home to a human population of 36 million, and a habitat and wildlife diversity that is unequaled by any other state.  Working alone, or with a canine companion, they work day and night, often patrolling rural areas where back-up can be hours away.  Every day is an adventure, and no two days the same, as we go on patrol with the California Game Wardens.

In this series we follow the lives of California’s Game Wardens, on call 24/7, as they defend against human threats to the environment, endangered wildlife, and the cultivation of illegal drugs.  On foot, by car or off-road vehicle, by plane, or by boat, Game Wardens do it all.  As the only line of defense in these sparsely populated, and often deadly places, this small group of law enforcement officers are constantly in pursuit of poachers, polluters, and illegal marijuana growers; while still making sure hunters and anglers follow the rules.
I think a majority of the show is being geared towards marijuana cultivation and putting a stop to it. I hope they try to include a bit more than that and show more with hunting and fishing, too. Either way I am very interested in the new show.

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