Friday, October 22, 2010

Working For The Weekend
Editing video. Thinking about deer hunting. Creating logos. Washing camo and gathering archery gear. Illustrations and editing photos. Planning a Saturday hunt and feeling all 'antsy in [my] pantsies' (Great line from Super Troopers). This week has been a roller coaster for my brain. I wanted to write more this week, but work has to come first. Now that it is Friday I am getting all giddy thinking about spotting and stalking tomorrow for some mule deer.

I follow multiple hunting blogs. One of them is I Don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods which is penned (typed) by Kari Murray. She's posted two times recently that really caught my attention, one on trail cameras and other hunter, and one on her archery whitetail hunt. The latter post that she was able to arrow a beautiful Wisconsin doe after a tough season. Congratulations, Kari! You should really read this post before the latest one to really get an understanding of why this was so awesome. In the middle of that Kari posted about other hunters walking in from of her trail cams. These guys were disrespectful, but they at least left the camera there. Now, I can understand being funny, but flipping the camera off when it's not yours? Real mature. Now my family is VERY mature... read on...

My dad and brother and I have been emailing back and forth about my trip out there in a couple of weeks and I am also excited about that. My brother, BJ, has been sending me trail cam photos for the past couple weeks. I started viewing them and see we finally got a picture of a buck, a nice red fox and then someone dancing through the woods. Really, there was. You can see for yourself!
My brother cracks me up. I wonder how many deer were watching him do his routine.

Ok, so it was my brother being a goofball in front of the camera. I can't say I wouldn't do it, too. The entertainment value alone from my hunting buddies in NY will be worth the trip alone.

This guy has some odd antlers, but he's still going to get an arrow if he comes by my stand.

Is the fox mooning me or telling me to kiss his ass?
I am sure there will be more photos after this weekend. I hope to have some of my mule deer kill, should I be successful. My family will be out hunting in NY, so I hope to see some photos of their kills, too. If nothing else there will be trail cam photos to share. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck if you are going hunting!


  1. Well thanks so much for the shout out there! It sure felt great to get that doe after how the season started off.

    I have to admit I love goofin' off in front of the trail cam too (as long it belongs to someone I know) and a little comic relief does everyone good, doesn't it?

    Now, I don't know what your brother does for a living but he looks like he's got some mad skills when it comes to dancing. He just might want to consider taking that up professionally!

  2. Goofin' off in front of the camera is great when you know who's camera it is. I do it, too. My brother is a chucklehead and is hilarious. I am sure that my trip to NY will be filled with plenty of laughter. He may even dance on camera!