Monday, September 13, 2010

No Hunting For Me Last Weekend
Life was very busy this past week and I didn't do much in the way of hunting. I did call my dad and discuss my November whitetail archery hunt with him, but that was about it. This weekend I took a break and took my wife out to a couple of concerts. She loves country music and she's been doing so much work raising our daughter and giving me time to go scouting and hunting that I felt she deserved a much needed break. A marriage kinda works like the California hunting lottery system. You have to put in lots of time and money in order to try and pull a tag. I kid because my wife is very understanding of the fact that I am obsessed with being in the forest and hunting. 

We were able to go see Blake Shelton (for free) at the Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! show on Friday night and then Darius Rucker at the LA County Fair last night. Anyone that knows Blake knows he's a big time archery hunter and has been on plenty of hunting television shows. I could care less about the shows, but his demeanor and character add to the hi-jinks of the episodes. He's got a different way about him that I find fascinating and hilarious. Blake's show was excellent and we had a front row view. We got to hear and singalong to 5 great songs before he had to hit the road for a Saturday deer hunt. Lucky! Darius put on a great show, too. He sang his hit songs, some covers and some of the great songs from his Hootie and the Blowfish days. It was fantastic!

I guess the only 'hunting related' thing I did do was to put together my 5-tiered shelf for the garage (my man cave). I was able to finally organize most of my hunting gear by placing items in Totes or just on the shelves. I can now see my garage floor. Holy crap, there is hope! I definitely need to get another shelving unit, but for now this is a great start.

I have a couple of product reviews coming this week. With hunting seasons in full swing and more opening dates on the horizon I felt I needed to get some posted right away. I've done a lot of reviews over the past few months and just need to get everything from my head to the keypad.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that it was successful. The other three Pro Staffers for Team DIY went on a successful Coues deer hunt in Arizona and elk hunt in Colorado last week. Photos and stories to come!


  1. Sounds like a good week, if you "had" to do something besides hunting that is, lol! Blake Shelton always puts on a good show and to see he for free is even better!

    Nice work too on being a good husband. I'm sure you got good brownie points for that. (I know it would sure get my Hubbin' some!)

  2. Saw Blake Shelton at the SHOT Show a few years back. Great show, and an excellent entertainer! I have yet to catch him on one of the hunting shows, though.

    Met Darius Rucker when "Hootie" was just getting started. A really great guy then. I hope success hasn't changed him. His music is still pretty good, though.

    Great way to rack up those points! You'll be able to draw on that at least until the D zones are closed.

  3. @Kari - I have to rack up those points while I can. I have to take care of the woman who takes care of me!

    @Phillip - Blake was great. He's such an odd cat, but that's what I love about him. I can't wait to get back out there and hunt. I have the bear tag and two deer tags for archery, too. Going to keep racking up the points so I can hunt some hogs on the central coast in the fall/winter.