Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Animals In The News
I read news articles everyday regarding hunting and the outdoors and most of it is from blogs and The Outdoor Pressroom. They always have news articles I am interested in reading and I thought I would share two of them with you today.

The first is from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Bozeman, Montana. There was a Bozeman bowhunter who was attacked by a grizzly. The article is weak on information from the attack. I wonder what time of day it was. He couldn't reach his bear spray, which is very possible even if it was on his belt. My guess is that it wasn't within quick reach. From what I read, it sounds like he was walking to or from his hunting spot during the day because he was 'traveling back to his truck when the attack happened'.
"This is just something that has the potential to happen when people archery hunt in those areas with a resident grizzly bear population," Sheppard said. "You're stealthing along, cammo-ed up, being extremely [quiet] and you just bump into them."
The only way I can figure it was during the day is because he was being quiet. Otherwise he should be making noise and letting the bears know he's there.

The second one is an article about wild hogs in Southern Florida from the TC Palm. Take a look at the damage the hogs did to the greens on the Sebastian Municipal Golf Course. They want to trap them and have them humanely removed. I say bring on the bowhunters! The article talks about how pigs carry disease, which is true, but they also carry delicious meat ready for the smoker. I am sure some golfer out there has a smoke pole in his golf bag just waiting to put a hole-in-one!

Ok, enough from the comedian. I am going nutty thinking about getting back in the woods to do some hunting. I say a bunch of us plan a golf trip to Florida. Any takers?


  1. LMAO! That's good stuff there! Ha!

  2. Kinda adds a whole new concept to the term "pig iron", huh? I'd sure add one to my bag!