Thursday, August 19, 2010

Team DIYbowhunter Scouting For Bear
With the black bear archery opener just two days away, I had to share our latest scouting adventure. Eric Welsh, owner, and I went scouting for a black bear here in Southern California this past Sunday. The video is almost 9 minutes long, but there is some good information in there. We were originally going to be hitting the woods for the opener, but we'll have to postpone it so we can do our seminar at Bass Pro again on Saturday. Whoo-hoo!

While we were getting ready to pack in my treestand, Eric did a gear review on the Eberlestock X2 pack. Check it out and share your thoughts. Good stuff? Too Much? Boring? Exciting? I am very interested in what you all have to say. Enjoy.


  1. Good Stuff! Looks like you guys found a great spot for your bear hunt! I was interested in the gear review... Gary has an Eberlestock pack and has been happy with it... keep the good stuff coming!... and look forward to seeing your bear hunt! Sorry your outing was cut short by the fire... sure hope they were able to put it out before too much damage was done. Gary and I were up in the hills on opening day of archery several years ago and after a little thunder and lightening storm passed over us we began to smell smoke! It kind of gives a weird feeling... we climbed up to a ridge where we could see the plumes of smoke... not a very comfortable feeling. The fire burned all the area where we hunt elk so we had to scramble to find another area to hunt.

  2. Thanks, Suzee. We found a great rea, but the tree where I want to put the stand is too big! So we are heading out on Thursday to find a different tree. We'll be hunting come Saturday morning. They did get the fire out fairly quickly. It took them about 45 minutes, but by that time we were already deep into lunch. I just can't wait to get my first Cali black bear!

  3. ... and I can't wait to read and see the account of your hunt! Wish you the best on Saturday!