Friday, August 13, 2010

Seminar, Scouting and Target Practice
This weekend is looking to be a very busy, yet productive one. I'll be over at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga tomorrow helping Eric Welsh, Team DIY, with the bear hunting seminar at 4pm. It's a shorter than normal seminar, so I'll have to not be so long-winded. I'll be reviewing what's in my pack and what you should have when you go archery bear hunting. It's another free seminar, so if you can make it, come on out and say hello. If you show up at 5pm, well, swing on over to the restaurant where I'm sure you'll find us telling a hunting story or two.

Sunday is going to be full of excitement. Eric and I will be heading out to do some scouting for black bear and set up a tree stand or two with the hopes of bringing down a bruiser next weekend during the California archery bear opener. It'll be my first year specifically targeting bears during the archery season. Oh yeah! I am more than excited, I am eagerly anticipating some bear steaks on the grill next week. Then I'll be heading to the range to do some more target practice to get everything fine tuned. It'll be an afternoon of shooting, adjusting, washing my clothes and meticulously reviewing the gear I need to pack.

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe.


  1. Al, you and Eric gave a great talk! We all walked away inspired to hit the trails.

  2. Thanks, Don! It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone else. I hope we all get a chance to shoot sometime.