Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Giveaway Time! Dick's Custom Bow Grips
Who wants some FREE stuff? The SoCal Bowhunter has a giveaway that you are all going to love! Raulin Dick, of Dick's Custom Bow Grips, is going to give away two sets of custom bow grips here on The SoCal Bowhunter blog! Raulin makes all of his bow grips by hand. He uses exotic wood and customizes the grip to fit your bow. You can find all of the exotic woods here. His skill is superb and with archery season here I know he's going to be busy!

Here's what you have to do to enter for your chance at one of these custom grips. First, you have to publicly follow my blog. If you are already a follower you are ahead of the game! Then post a comment that says what kind of bow you shoot and why you shoot that particular model. It doesn't have to be a super long or overly detailed post. It just has to come from you. I'll run the giveaway for two weeks and end it at midnight on September 2nd. I'll randomly choose the two (2) winners and post them on the blog on Friday by 12pm (PST). So you early birds on the East coast, keep in mind I'll still be sleeping when you get up!

If you don't win one of the custom grip sets, you can still order them directly through Raulin directly. Best of all, you can get $10 off your order by using the promo code 'diybowhunter' when you order. You can contact Raulin by phone at 814-329-6952 or you can shoot him an email to place an order or ask him any questions.

Promo prices for Hoyt, Mathews, Darton, PSE, and Martin grips are $40 TYD for all of the wood he has in stock (while supplies last). After he runs out of his stocked wood, or if you want a grip made with a wood he doesn't have on hand the price will go back to the retail price of $50.

Good luck!


  1. Oooohh goodie, goodie. I'll start this!

    I shoot a 2010 Hoyt Vicxen. I chose this bow mainly because out of all the bows I had been checkin' out, it felt the best when I held it in my hand and after I shot it, I knew it was "love at first draw." Since then, I found it to be a most excellent choice and can't wait to arrow my first deer with it this fall!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for getting this started, Kari. So far your odds are looking great!

  3. i shoot a bowtech admiral because i like how it balances and feels in my hand,it's draw cycle,lack of hand shock,and last but certainly not least i like it because i can back the limb bolts out far enough so i can do my own work on it without buying a expensive bow press or driving for an hour to the bowshop.

  4. i hope i signed up as a follower and entered this contest entry is listed above as lunkerbuster.

  5. I am shooting a Hoyt Defiant. The reason I selected this bow years ago is because it was the best fit of any of the bows I tried at the time. Of course I have upgraded the accessories and put custom strings on the bow to keep it some what up to date.