Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving up in the world 
The other day my dad and I were discussing what gear we wanted for the upcoming deer season. Notice I said 'wanted' and not 'needed'. We both have everything we need, we have for decades. Really, we have. My dad said to me, "I remember when I would go out with my camo on, my bow, arrows and a sandwich." I laughed and thought about it for a while and he was so right. Back when he introduced me to hunting all I needed was my bow, a few arrows, my camo cover-alls and a knife. Back then I was living in NY, hunting on the farm where he worked and could have the entire farm to hunt. It was in a word - AWESOME! Those were the days of having a pond on the property, a huge apple orchard, and corn and bean fields galore. I had everything I needed and if I had to track a deer I went back to the house and got my dad.

Today brings new challenges and new toys. I say toys because I really have everything that I want, but Cabela's just sent me my hardcover fall catalog. I actually started to laugh when I opened the box because my brother and I used to poke fun at my dad when he got his. I'll never forget when he got his first one and we just poked fun. My day has come! I sat down and cracked it open like an ancient manuscript careful not to damage it in any way. Then I snapped out of it and thumbed through each section. That's when it dawned on me. Where have we gone in this day and age where we just pack in more and more technology for the hunt. Don't get me wrong - I love technology and new gadgets. Even my buddy Jeff calls me the Gadget Guy on our hunts. I like toys and things to test out, but we almost make it more work than it has to be. I am one of the few that feel any animal is a trophy, but I do pack in more gear than I need to or should, but I love it!

The archery opener for me is just a couple weeks away (here in CA) and I have everything I need. I will be going through my gear bag in the next week and trying to thin it out a bit. I do know I need some para cord and a few smaller items, but that's it. Wait, I think I hear something... yes, I did and it's the Cabela's catalog pleading with me to take another look. Time to go put my reading glasses on.

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