Thursday, June 17, 2010

Calling In A Bull Elk: Is There Such Thing As Too Much?
I read an article in my email from Bowhunting World today where Ralph Ramos says:
I’ve found that “excessive” cow talk, combined with immature-sounding, non-intimidating bugles is the preferred conversation for many of today’s “educated” bull elk. This technique can be most effective when working a bull to your favor during the rut, when most average males will normally buy into the sweet voice of females. My experience in the field has proven elk are greedy lovers in search of many cows for their harem. As a result, they can be enticed with lots of syrupy-sweet cow talk. When excessive cow calling is used properly, your odds of success will increase.
I prefer cow calling excessively, using various types of calls to entice the bull within bow range.
Now, I have never hunted elk, although I plan to next year, but I have been told just the opposite of what he is saying. I have heard that you CAN call too much and that it can drive the elk away. Obviously Ralph is having success with his approach, but what do the rest of you elk hunters think?  I attended a seminar a few months ago where we were told that you don't want to call excessively. This brings up an interesting dilemma - to call or not to call. I would love to hear from you elk hunters what you think of the article and what you would recommend. 

I have no room to judge, and just look at the size of the bull in the photo with Mr. Ramos. Incredible!

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