Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Urban Coyotes Becoming More Of A Problem
Here's my two cents on the coyote problem... I think that these cities that have an issue with coyotes AND firearms should allow the bow hunters to go out and set up near a travel route to bring them down. I have seen a few coyotes right in Los Alamitos where I live during broad daylight. Were they in the grassy areas? Nope. They were walking right down the sidewalk. They aren't afraid of jack nor shit. I think a meat missile shot at 300 fps would help do the trick.


Here's a map of SoCal coyote sightings that was updated recently.


If you read some of the comments and listen to some of the people they'll tell you that coyotes are a natural predator and were here before us humans. Chicken or egg? You decide. I am a bow hunter. I am a natural predator, too.  I can be silent and help keep your dogs, cats and small children safe. Just open up a few areas near the water channels to allow us to help manage to pack. One of the reports talked of a woman feeding a coyote with ham. Dolt. Sure, bait them for us and we'll help trim the population.

Are you guys seeing an increase and what do you think should be done? Any comments are welcome. I want to hear exactly what you guys are thinking.

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  1. same in berlin with wild boar, same in london with foxes