Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Hog Hunting!
It's been two months since my last hog hunting trip... two months too long! I am headed out to Parkfield again this weekend with bow in hand to see if I can bring down my first hog. I'll be going up there with Jeff again and this time he'll have two more guys in tow. Looks like again I'll be the only archer on site, so I am excited.

I spent 2.5 hours last night in the Archery Outpost pro-shop with Bernie and Conner getting my X-Force tuned. A big thanks to them for staying so late and helping me out. They got the bow shooting straighter, tighter and helped me with my form, too. Thanks guys!

The biggest thanks goes out to my wife. Without her continued support I'd be hunting the straw bales at El Dorado and not wild pork chops. She knows I have an obsession with bow hunting that is frighteningly passionate. She will say no, but she deserves a nice weekend to herself, too. I am thinking massage, pampering, dinner and maybe a concert of her choice - with no whining from me.

Hopefully I'll come back with some great video footage and photos of some nice hogs we've taken.

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